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  • Cdstatus: CD diagnostics & audio ripping  v.0.97.03cdstatus is a CD Drive and CDROM analyzer and ripper. It can display lots of disc info. It can rip music cd's to your hard drive as mp3, mp2, ogg, or wav all without intermediate files, right from the command line, with full CDDB and ID3 tag ...
  • Capturetv  v.0.9.1capturetv is a simple bash script which simplifies the process of capturing TV via MEncoder. The script also optionally calculates the optimal bitrate depending on how many minutes you want to burn to CD and burns ...
  • Mp3cluster  v.0.1Music CD to mp3 conversion cluster enabled ...
  • Vidigi Lite  v.0.3A simple image viewer which allows the user to open a directory of images (non-recursively), select specific images, and then burn a CD, create an ISO, create a photo directory or generate a text-based photo list of the selected ...
  • 5OWLS  v.0.65OWLS is a set of audio toolsowl-edit allows to manage audio files and create/burn audio CD from them.
  • Burn Playlist 2 CD  v.2.0Easily burn Audio-CD or MP3-CD playlists with K3b ...
  • Domo  v.3.0beta1Domo is a music organizer which indexes digital audio sources,.
  • Daoism  v.0.4.3daoism is an audio-CD layout and writing tool.
  • Poweriso for Linux  v.1.3PowerISO is a powerful CD / DVD / BD image file processing tool,.
  • Xpand  v.0.1Xpand is a simple Python script with Glade GUI front-end for sox, cdparanoia, notlame, mpg123 and normalize.
  • Morphix  v.0.04Morphix is a modulair distribution,.
  • Burn-CD  v.1.8.0Burn-CD is a handy frontend for the well-known cd/dvd writing packages cdrkit & dvd+rw-tools.
  • Music Icon Library  v.2.11Your products will look more modern and attractive with Music Icon Library. Color formats include Windows XP and 8-bit formats. Available sizes are 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48. This icon collection includes sound, music, phone and other icons.
  • WTM Copy Protection / CD Protect  v.2.67Need a good copy protection measure? Worried about piracy? WTM CD Protect - Protect your software against illegal copy. More profit with less illegal copies.
  • Calliope Music Server and MP3 Jukebox  v.1.0alpha.rc16.2Calliope: a GPL jukebox music server, content- and music-management system. Perl-based, it supports multi-user, multiple channels (soundcard and Icecast streams), data/id3 editing, smart loading, cd burning, and skins. It plays mp3, ogg & flac (so ...
  • CD-Utils - Linux CD Backup and Burning  v.0.3.2CD Backup and Burning Utils for Unix (Linux)A set of Utilities which provides a simple, yet powerful and versatile way to burn CD Media from the unix command line. Including CD backups and restores.Uses only standard utils (cdrecord, mkisofs, ...
  • Thomer's Music Vault  v.0.6.1.beta2Thomer's Music Vault is a GNU/Linux streaming music server (jukebox, sort of) that presents a pretty interface to a CD music collection. Thomer's Music Vault takes care of generating playlists and encoding/decoding music in various ...
  • Grab&Burn  v.5.0.2Grab&Burn is a powerful tool for grabbing, burning and mastering of CD and DVD discs.
  • Thomer's Music Vault  v.0.6.1-beta2Thomer's Music Vault is a GNU/Linux streaming music server (jukebox, sort of) that presents a pretty interface to a CD music collection.
  • Userful Live CD  v.2008-03-20Userful's Live CD is a simple and free way to temporarily transform your dual-monitor PC or laptop into a dual-station PC! The Live CD includes the operating system, web browsers, Open Office, and multimedia applications.
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